After doing these exercises you should be able to
  1. Describe the purpose of the world wide web. (Lecture)
  2. Understand the advantages and limitations of using Microsoft Word as a web page creation too. (Lecture)
  3. Understand the components of a URL. (Lecture)
  4. Describe Word's web view and explain why it is necessairy.
  5. Insert a hyperlink within a word document which will
    1. Link to a section within the document.
    2. Link to another file and doucment.
    3. Link to a web page.
    4. Provide a link which will send email.
  6. Save a document in html format.
  7. Publish a document in Edinboro's user web space.
  8. Access a document you have published at Edinboro.
  9. Understand how multiple documents can be mutually linked.
  10. Create and publish mutually linking documents.
You should start with Step 1.


Final Product

The filnal product is here.